Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Florey Yeung

Head of PCG Operations & HK Branch Operations

Bank of Montreal

“I decided to undertake an MBA programme to strengthen my understanding in technical areas. Since this was my own choice to study what I liked and what I preferred, it gave me a sense of ‘genuine learning’.

The global branding and prestige in the business world, the flexible course structure and study mode of Manchester Business School appealed to me much. MBS MBA programme was an effective learning path. The knowledge and qualification I acquired provided me with a core foundation to deal with day-to-day challenges and job requirements. For instance, I found one quantitative analysis subject very applicable to the real business world. I even applied those qualitative methods to assess the risks and mark controls of respective tasks, which helped to deliver work in a timely fashion with desired results.”
“How to balance work, study and family is one of the prerequisites for MBA students. However, time conflict often the biggest challenge. My approach was to prioritise work to maximize the desired outcomes. Studying in groups was one of the keys to maximise the effectiveness under limited time.”
“Working closely with classmates and professors in the workshops was the most unforgettable experience to me. Such interactions stimulated a lot of thoughts, and the network built along the study has become a valuable derivative that offers lifelong returns. I still keep in touch with my classmates and professors.
Since many of us come from similar background, hence our paths are likely to cross on some business occasions. It provides us with a common language that facilitates our communication and sharing of market intelligence.”
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