Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

Hitomi Noguchi

Marketing Manager

GN ReSound

In the first place, one important factor that attracts me to enroll in the Manchester Global MBA programme is the motto of the School – ‘Think Global’.

When I first dabbled in the healthcare industry, I started to struggle with strategic planning, or analysing projects from the management or financial perspective. But the programme taught me to think methodically, logically and comprehensively, approaches that can be applied in practice.

Studying at the University of Manchester has paid handsome rewards, as I have been promoted to the position of Marketing Manager at work. I have received recognition for my strategic marketing plan, so that now I get to contribute to the corporate branding plan.

I’ve had a happy and fruitful time studying in Hong Kong. I treasure the opportunity to experience local life and develop close relationships with local students.”  

The East Asia Centre isn’t just concerned with teaching, but also actively encourages bonding between local and international students. My fellow students of the East Asia Centre in Hong Kong were hard-working, cooperative, smart and kind. They spared no effort to accomplish the mission and to overcome challenges. I am very proud to be a part of this distinguished cohort.

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