Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Stella Ngan

Head of Operations

Investment Bank

With a high-flying career in global finance, Stella Ngan worked as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs before switching to her current position at another investment bank.

‘Highly recommended by an ex-colleague, the MBS Global MBA was a perfect fit for my busy schedule. With its flexible, workshop-based approach, I was impressed by how professors would be flown in from the U.K. at specified dates, giving students ample time to plan their schedule and to prepare for lessons. The MBA proved impressive in other ways – although it was occasionally hard work, I enjoyed the programme, and in particular the diverse mix of students it brings.’
‘I come from an accountancy background, and every time I discussed things with friends and students from the business, engineering and other sectors, things would get invigorating and interesting. At the end of the day, everyone benefits from the diversity of voices – we fill in each other’s gaps and enrich each other’s knowledge with our own areas of expertise.’
‘I believe that the degree is tailor-made for professionals in managerial positions, in particular helping them think outside the box in a strategic way when it comes to strategic challenges.
On a lighter note, Stella was the committee of MBS Alumni Association China, and actively participated various activities, running the gamut from seminars, annual dinners to wine-tasting events.
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