Nationality - South Korea | South Korea-based

Marco ILbong Kwon


Hourly Inc.

Choosing the Manchester Global MBA was a no-brainer for me – strong program flexibility, top ranking, global presence and a strong alumni network all combine towards a perfect degree. Armed with this qualification, I successfully transitioned from a career in engineering to a managerial role in sales; nowadays, I’ve even boldly embarked on my own business venture. This program was a great mix of theory and practical knowledge—I was particularly impressed with the Negotiation Skill module, which proved extremely helpful in terms of understanding partners and customers when involved in real-life business situations. I was also a beneficiary of the DBIC (Doing business in China) elective, which gave me precious analytical skills when it comes to business planning in a China context. Ultimately, the programme was a driving force when it comes to achieving career advancement – from an ordinary engineer, I have come a long way to becoming the architect of my own company!

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