Nationality - Hong Kong | Hong Kong-based

Kenneth Hor

Head of Group Distribution, Wholesale Business

HSBC Global Asset Management

Manchester Global MBA is in fact the second master’s degree I have taken to further my career, after graduating with a MSc Finance Degree. The first master’s degree is actually more about the technical side of business. Hence I decided to take a MBA degree to enhance my management skills.  

I chose this MBA programme because I hoped to get a UK degree which would give me true overseas experience while allowing me to locate in Hong Kong to study. I’m truly immersed in an international study environment as many of the students in the Centre flew from their own countries to study here. Moreover, the programme also allows opportunities to study at six centres in various countries. 

I chose to study my two electives in Manchester in the beautiful main campus, which offers brilliant cultural and academic atmosphere.  We studied hard in the morning and hung out together after the lessons. The experience was invaluable and unforgettable.

The programme had equipped me well with new knowledge of different business areas, in particular management skills. I have learned a lot in several subjects, like Strategic Management, The Practising Manager and Venture Capital and Private Equity, which I could not acquire from my first master’s degree. The skills are really useful to my current and future career.

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