Nationality - UK | Japan-based

Noel Bradshaw

Planning Office Director and Board Member

Dean Morgan K.K.

Living and working in Japan for many years, I wanted to build on my earlier management consulting background by strengthening my theoretical study in general management. I chose to enroll in the Manchester Global MBA programme because of its excellent reputation and flexibility.

Despite carefully planning a study schedule at the beginning of the course, I started getting very busy with work, coupled with multiple MBA modules coming at the same time. However, the programme is structured in such a flexible way that I could still manage to study at my own pace.

Advanced Strategic Management was my favourite course of the programme. I completed a 3-day workshop in Dubai with a very international team (participants from Asia, Middle East and Europe). The course was case study-based analyzing a large public company, but we were also free in assignment to focus on any aspect of our own company’s strategy as we wished. I really enjoyed this dual focus..

Back to my work, I have applied the strategic thinking skills I learned on the programme in the workplace and in my decision process. Each year, I lead the company in its strategic planning process, applying thinking from the MBA. With the progressive growth of the company, we now need a much more sophisticated approach to planning than previously, so the knowledge I have garnered from the programme is serving me very well, indeed.

Graduating with Distinction, I believes the key to my academic success is consistency and staying motivated throughout the programme of study.

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