Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

Koki Nakagawa

Director, Business Development

Stryker Japan

I endorse on the School’s “Learning by Doing” method as it has incorporated strategic frameworks and theories that can be promptly applied to real business at workplace. The method supplies food for thought with a strong focus on real-life application and drives me forwards in my current daily business. 

I have visited four centres throughout the programme, namely Hong Kong, Manchester, Dubai and Singapore respectively. I was so excited having the opportunities to visit these centres. I met a number of professors and students at different centres, built a network of various peers who share with me their insights and broadened my perspective in a global business context.

I was also lucky to have support from my peers in both my company and the School. My colleagues took up my duties until I was back from overseas workshops to catch up the work. I am not alone, and always do something as a team. That's what is important to me, and how I could strike balance between my work, family and study during the programme.  

The Manchester Global MBA was the perfect choice as it was one of the best in terms of ranking and accreditation, while affording me plenty of flexibility.

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