Nationality - Germany | Hong Kong-based

Jan Harling

Associate Director, Global Media Investment


I appreciate the alumni network and the programmes’ deep links to Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region.

My career really took off in bold new directions precisely because of this programme: I was introduced to my current role as the associate director in the department of Global Media Investment at Huawei by a very smart MBA classmate!

Not only were my classmates astute and professional, they brought me new cultural experience. When I attended my International Business Strategy workshop, I had a team consisting of classmates from Oman, Abu Dhabi and the UAE – cultures I never worked with before.

Despite the tight working schedule and challenging studies, I succeeded to graduate with flying colours at the same time as welcoming a newborn member to my family. Managing a demanding work schedule while studying was extremely challenging, in particular with a small baby at home – setting the right priorities was essential to succeed as well as following strict time management. A stringent discipline helped me to stay on course as well as a good team that made the time enjoyable. Envisioning the end goal of graduating was vital to keep myself motivated throughout the MBA studies.

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