Nationality - Australia | Hong Kong-based

Joy Hogwood

Head of EPMO

Cathay Pacific Airways

Even before starting my degree, I had 20 years of solid industry experience in government departments and multi-national companies, as a programmer, business analyst, business owner, project manager and IT consultant. But my goal was to move to the next level in my career; I saw the MBA as a vehicle for obtaining the strategic, business and financial knowledge I needed.

I found the MBA course hard work, especially doing it in conjunction with a demanding full-time job, but it certainly gave me the skills I needed. The programme covered a large breadth and depth of material, across all aspects of management with interesting electives.

The workshops were challenging but I have no doubt it helped to build the skills and knowledge that have helped me achieve my goals, including honing important everyday team and leadership skills. 

One of the key benefits of this particular course was the Manchester Method, which allowed me to practice with real world case studies in my own work situation. 

Regarding my keys to academic excellence, a supportive family and making effective use of the study group were critical. The MBA programme requires a lot of hard work, including time for reading and thinking. Being part of a study group helped me to regulate my study and deliver the work needed for the major project.  We came to rely on each other, for work, support and encouragement. We came to realise that while working as a group can be very frustrating, this was a key component in mastering important real-life skills.

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