Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

Setsuko Takahashi

Associate Director

EY Japan

I am grateful that I could further my studies while continuing my job in the company. In Japan, life employment is a common practice as it is regarded as respect for the company.

Putting international exposure as a priority when choose MBA programmes, I was assured by the diverse background of Manchester Global MBA. MBA programmes of European universities are actually more international than those in the US. The professors and staff in this programme have a global-mindset and know how to respect people of a different cultural background.

In pursuing studies, Manchester Global MBA caught my attention because of its flexibility and diversity. I also wish to improve on my English to better handle global-scaled projects which involve interaction with people from different countries.

I found it difficult in the beginning to read course materials in English. But I was determined to make a success of my studies by doubling my effort and finally not only my English improved but also I passed with flying colors.


The experience of a cultural exchange in Dubai was really unforgettable. It was my first visit there for the overseas workshop, and I was amazed by the diversity in the group as they came from Kuwait, Morocco, UAE and Zambia. I invited them to have a beer after class, but we turned out going for coffee instead because of the alcohol ban. That was the first time I came across this Halal custom. 

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