Nationality - Japan | Japan-based

So Tamaoki

Product Manager

Boston Scientific Japan

Manchester Global MBA fits perfectly with my expectations: offering part-time programme, regular workshops and globally diversified environment. I think the programme has fulfilled my expectation of offering comprehensive business knowledge and challenging experiences. The programme has enhanced my marketing skill and will support my career goal to manage global business.

The programme can help people switch from one position to another smoothly. I changed my job from a Japanese IT company to an American healthcare company, simultaneously with the start of my MBA. It was a big change for me. Since then, I have kept developing my career as a marketer in healthcare industry. The programme really did contribute to my career development by providing practical frameworks, knowledge and learning opportunities of working closely with people from different countries.

I think Manchester Global MBA is practical since it encourages students to retrack back and forth between the course and workplace. We can apply what we have learned from the programme to our workplace immediately. I did find it practical to apply marketing, strategic management and negotiation frameworks to my job, which we sometimes cannot easily obtain in daily working.

Every time I travelled to different centres for workshops, I was excited to commute to schools in unfamiliar places and to encounter classmates from elsewhere. I learned many things from them and greatly broadened my perspectives.


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