Our Campus and State-of-the-art facilities

The University of Manchester East Asia Centre has been established in Hong Kong for over 25 years. The Centre is situated in the heart of Causeway Bay (Lee Gardens One). Our institution will continue to strive towards providing quality business education for all.

Our campus is in line with our global aspirations and our dedication to nurturing new generations of business stars. Located in a Grade A building in one of Hong Kong’s prime business districts, the new location is simply bigger, better and more convenient. Through our state-of-the-art classrooms, we hope to encourage interactivity, peer-to-peer learning, and in so doing promote a more dynamic and holistic learning environment.

Facilities are a mix of modernity and convenience, and they echo our university’s prime goals: to enhance our student’s learning experience, and to promote social responsibility. In a break from tradition, all our technology-enabled classrooms aim to put control of the learning space back in the hands of our students and instructors, thereby creating an “active” learning space. New additions to our learning space include projectors and screens in a unique geometry, ergonomic chairs that let students swivel easily, and lounge space that supports resting, socializing and learning. In addition, in order to foster a unique mind-body connection supporting holistic learning, seating is designed for prime collaboration, while scent is used in the classroom to stimulate brain waves and maximize student potential. Finally, in order to promote environmental sustainability, we strongly advocate using LED lighting only, as well as “paperless” learning and teaching.

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Main Entrance Classroom Breakout Area Breakout Area Boardroom Meeting Room